Why Does My Google Ranking Keep Changing?

Why Does My Google Ranking Keep Changing

Why Does My Google Ranking Keep Changing?

Why does my google ranking keep changing? Well it’s a very tough question to answer because Google ranking of your website suffers a lot of fluctuation which is not easy to track but we will let you know the reason and solutions to fix this problem and achieve top rank on Google ranking through this article.

Well if you really want to learn about the changing positions of your website ranking then this is the right place. Your website rankings keep on changing with time but it’s completely natural it does not affect your overall performance. Whereas, continuous occurrence can lowers the relevancy your website too.

Today we let you know why does your Google ranking keep on changing? and how can you track it?

This is very disappointing that your website ranking falling down when you are an internet active person and keep your eyes continuously on your website rank. Because it takes months and lots of efforts to bring your website on top. Falling and raising is a common occurrence that can’t be controlled specially in this competitive environment everyone wants to grab the top position.

Common Factors that Affect Your Website Ranking:-

If you’re an internet user then look around the web you will see their rankings. There are many factors that can affect your website ranking however as a Google evolved and enhances its algorithm with technology as a result the list of Google ranking factors keep on changing. That’s why it’s very difficult for the websites to focus on each and every factor specially for the low budget business sites.

Here are some list of factors that can affect your website rankings:

Link and Backlinks:-

Backlinks are the backbone of the website. It is one of the most important factors for Google ranking. Backlinks and quality links in your website give signals to Google about how good is your website in terms of quality and relevancy. So if your website doesn’t have backlinks or has poor backlinks then your website ranking will automatically fell down the reason for that is your you were not able to promote your content and reach your target audience.

Google Algorithm:-

It is one of the most important factor behind the fluctuation of your website rankings Google keep on changing and updating its algorithm on a high level that can affect your website ranking immediately without any reason. Updates are very important to flush out all the irrelevant data present on the website and internet. Therefore it is very important to stay up to date with every Google updates.

Outdated Content:-

outdated content or plagiarized content on your website will also effect website ranking. Whereas updated informative content is a good method to get ranking website. If your website has content which attracts more eyeballs and provoke audience to visit and stay longer on website your ranking will automatically goes up to the higher ranking you can use long tail keywords to engage more traffic on your website
Technical Problems-

Sometimes some technical problems like downtime or website crawling can also effect website ranking. Heavy text illustrations and incorporate complicated quotes slows down your site speed as a result lack of accessibility and crawlers on your website.

How We Can Improve Their Website’s Ranking?

I hope you are now more familiar with the reasons behind its fluctuation. Now it’s time to learn the solution of this problem. After analysing problems faced by many websites, we have listed some solutions where your website actually lacking.

1- Keep your website and web pages updated according to Google’s algorithm.
2- Add informative and attractive content because content is the king of your website.
3- Use relevant and accessible links and backlinks to several other different pages will help you to stay stable on Google engine.
4- Monitor the technical issues and analyse the problems and fix them earlier as soon as possible.


Changing google rankings are really very confusing for experts too. It’s completely natural if your doing things accurate in your website then you will face ups and down in the beginning. But after working on it for some time like few months you will successfully able to attain top rank on Google rankings.

I know it’s quite confusing but It’s OK there are many of us who really don’t want to engage our self into statistic. There are many skilled SEO experts who has been spent years in this field and help to fix all your google ranking issues. So, if your website is also facing fluctuations it means you’re performing transparent white hat SEO.

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