Is Traffic Improves SEO and Affects Google Ranking?

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Is Traffic Improves SEO and Affects Google Ranking?

It’s a very common question asked by people and myth too. Yes it does affects Google rankings but in a positive ways in other words traffic plays a very important role in rankings on the search engine results.

It is true that SEO helps to improve your website ranking where as traffic is one of our SEO strategies to create more engagement. Now more and more people prefer to go online instead of offline mode to buy products, search services or to get some information.

Traffic does affects on Google ranking positions in both positive as well as negative. It has its unique strategies and algorithm to measure the quality of your website which includes attractive content, website design, relatable and useful information and many more. If your website are getting huge traffic that will also lead to higher ranking.

Importance of Higher Rankings:-

In this era of internet competition is now become worse. So it is very important to have higher position on search engines to catch people’s attention. It will help to gain trust and tell people about your services that you offer.

There are number of way which can help to gain higher rankings, search engine optimization (SEO) is one out those. Below listed are some benefits of higher ranking that will provoke you to work on your business rankings.

1. Top ranking will get higher position on Google pages that mean more traffic and more profit.

2. Higher ranking means more online visibility.

3. Rank your website higher with the help of SEO services to enhance your brand reputation.

4. Higher ranking will give you chance to get more leads and better business opportunities.

Impact of Traffic on Google Rankings:-

SEO Traffic

Traffic really affects your overall Google ranking. It plays very crucial role to get huge traffic on your website. It shows that maximum people are searching your website online and trust your services. If a visitor visits your website it’s your job to engage them more by showing them more results about your products and services. More traffic means better ranking of your website on Google searches. So if you really wants better ranking then invite more and more guests to visit your website and purchase your services.

What Attracts More to Your Audience:-

Yes, if you want to engage more and more traffic to visit your website and purchase your services then you have to work a lot. It is very important to know who your target audience is. And to whom you want to sell your services? After knowing answers of all these questions you have to find the ways to attract their attention. Below listed are some factors that you should keep in mind to get better results.

Informative and Attractive Content:-

Content is the most important part of your website. It is the primary factor which is responsible to get more traffic. The content should be in any form whether it’s video, audio, text or image it has to be unique creative and informative. If you have content that has capability to catch your audience attention then nothing can stop you to get better results. So make sure that your website has the best content for your target audience.

Design Mobile Friendly Website:-

Almost every second person uses Smartphone to get too connected with people and search local services around. If your website is only accessible through laptop or computer then your chances of getting traffic becomes less. You can loose quality customers and visitor to visit your website. So to get better results it is important to have a mobile friendly website that takes less load time

Use Internal Linking:-

Once you have done with content and website designing link your content to it in blog and on your website. It helps to guide visitors to see more relevant content and keep them stay for longer on your website and boost Your search engine ranking. Internal linking is quite a tough job so you can take help of an SEO expert who can do this for your website.

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